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Christmas Dining at Racines

True to its name (which means ‘roots’ in French), Racines serves up delectable fare that’s inspired by both Chinese and French culinary traditions. The restaurant prides itself on using seasonal produce, organically grown ingredients, and herbs that are harvested from the gardens of Sofitel Singapore City Centre, which houses this fine establishment.

We sit down with Chef Jean-Charles Dubois to learn about the special Yuletide feasts that you can partake in when you visit Racines this Christmas.

Hello Chef! Could you begin by telling us your origins story? When did you first fall in love with food?

My father was a chef and he is my primary inspiration on why I chose to pursue this profession. My family owned and managed a small hotel when I was growing up. My papa was the chef, while my mother ran the front of the house, with us assisting whenever we could after school.

Mostly, I was always in the kitchen with my papa, assisting with all the food preparation much to my father’s delight. It was a natural thing for me to do and I really loved it.

What are some of your favourite Christmas memories from your childhood?

It would be the times I’ve spent Christmas at my godmother Evelyn’s house with the whole family. Though she was not a chef, she cooked beautiful dishes with so much love that it made my heart smile whenever I had them.

What’s your favourite Christmas dish? Could you tell us a little more about it, and why it’s important to you?

My favourite Christmas dish is a very traditional French dish. It’s a Foie Gras Terrine which I learnt to make from my Papa. It’s important to me because I used to make it with my father as a child. These days I continue what has been a Dubois family tradition by making it with—and for—my two children.

Could you tell us a little more about Racines?

The word ‘Racines’ means roots in French. [As a reflection of the name], the restaurant is a unique epicurean destination that celebrates authentic French and refined Chinese flavours. We offer dining experiences that showcases the finest cultural and culinary heritage of the Lion City and Sofitel Singapore City Centre as well.

As a chef trained in French culinary techniques, what’s your take on Chinese cuisine?

I love the fact that although French cuisine is steeped with grandeur and glamour with all its techniques and illustrious history, it also seamlessly complements authentic and traditional Chinese cuisine.

I have profound respect and appreciation for both French and Chinese cuisines and also have the privilege of having an excellent Chinese culinary master in my team.

Executive Chef Andrew Chong not only helms the Chinese kitchen brigade with great passion and creativity, but is also committed to providing our diners with authentic, memorable Chinese cuisine.

It is truly an exciting time for young chefs to experience the meaningful collaborations [happening these days]. Culinarians are now bolder in crafting dishes and are more adventurous in their techniques and choice of ingredients.

Could you tell us more about Art de Noël @ Racines?

Art de Noël is an initiative shared by Sofitel Hotels and Resorts globally, centred on creating magical experiences for all during the festive season. As travellers come together to share delightful moments [during this festive season] that only come once a year, Sofitel aims to provide the familiar warmth of home and a truly joyous atmosphere. Below are our finest Art De Noël Collection for this coming festive holidays.

Le Grande Fête ($138+) – Executive Jean-Charles Dubois’ signature honey slow-roasted turkey. Weighing up to 6 kilograms, this succulent masterpiece stands as a testament to Racines’ excellence in technique and commitment to fine produce, prepared in keeping with French culinary traditions.

Lavish turkey dinners are made complete with add-on dishes (available at $25+ each) including roasted baby French Grenaille potatoes, sautéed caramelized Brussel sprouts, and truffled chicken and foie gras pâté.

Noël de Luxe ($72+/kg) – A luxurious caramel dessert accented by Australian pear compote and topped off with Nespresso almond joconde which provides a luscious contrast in flavours.

Noël En Ivoire ($72+/kg) – On the surface, this dessert brings to mind powdery white snow, but beneath the Coco Malibu mousse ensconce a tropical surprise of banana crémeux and roasted pineapple confiture.

Noël Classique ($88+/kg) – The quintessential Yuletide mixed fruit cake – perfectly moist and infused with cognac and rum.

Indulge in the delectable festive dishes above from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, pay a visit to Racines with friends and family, and celebrate Christmas with a sumptuous meal:

The Art De Noël Dinner is available on 24 December 2018, 6-10pm, with prices starting from $158.

The Art De Noël Family Brunch is available on 25 December 2018, 12.30-3.30pm, with prices starting from $168.