Say Cheers to Your New Favourite Chill-Out Spot

An oasis right smack in an urban jungle (we mean the CBD) is how Starker Signature at Tanjong Pagar Centre sees itself. A respite to soothe your frazzled nerves after a harried day at work.

Judging by what we’ve seen of the place, we’re tempted to agree.

“At Starker, we try to adapt ourselves to our surroundings – all the better for catering to the crowd in a particular area. With Starker Signature at Tanjong Pagar Centre, we were going for a tranquil atmosphere, in line with the concept of an urban park,” said Mr Khoo Boo Teik, director of business development at YSQ International Pte Ltd (the good people behind Starker Fresh Beer):

Housed in what looks like a glasshouse – complete with overhanging greenery and fairy lights – the restaurant’s furniture is made from raw, unpolished wood to round up the whole back-to-nature feel. The overall effect is warm and intimate.

Ambience aside, what also keeps customers coming back is Starker’s fresh, locally-brewed beer.

“Most commercial beer is pasteurised – heat-treated to kill bacteria – to allow for a longer shelf life of up to six months, whereas our fresh beer has a shelf life of only seven days. Being unfiltered also means that it retains some of the yeast – the good kind, of course – used in its brewing process,” said Mr Khoo.

Image source: Starker Signature

With five speciality brews formulated by a brew master from the UK, Starker’s distinctly lighter beer, with a less bitter aftertaste, has been gaining popularity. Its top three crowd-pleasers are the Lager, Aromatic (with floral citrusy notes) and Lychee flavours. The Dunkel is a malty dark beer, while the Charcoal – not to be confused with a stout – has a robust smokiness.

Image source: Starker Signature

Where there’s authentic German-style beer, there’s got to be German-inspired cuisine as well. You’ll find the usual traditional pork knuckle and bratwurst here, but its recipes are designed for a perfect pairing with the Starker beer.

Image source: Starker Signature

More than just a watering hole

Having foreseen the pull of after-work drinks and bites for the CBD crowd, the menu at Starker Signature also features an extensive range of bar snacks for sharing, like pulled pork sliders, crispy calamari, and chicken wings. Other Starker outlets – Starker Bistro at Zhongshan Park, for instance – caters to a more family-centric crowd with its larger variety of main courses.

The two-month-old restaurant is already seeing a few returning faces, and looks forward to welcoming new ones. “We’ve got customers who have been to other Starker outlets, but now prefer to come here because it’s nearer to their workplace,” said Mr Khoo.

For those who like grooving to live jams, Starker Signature intends to check that off your list, too, with plans to bring in a soloist or duo within the month.

Great Service is Key

Also scoring brownie points with patrons is Starker’s unique attentive service. Because its fresh beer needs to be kept (and ideally, consumed) at the optimal temperature of minus-3 degrees, the staff make it a point to help customers keep their beer cool for as long as they wish to nurse it.

“When you’re hanging out with friends, you’re not going to finish a whole pint immediately. Nobody likes warm beer, so our staff are trained to constantly be on the lookout for half-full mugs, and to change it to frozen ones to maintain the ice-cold temperature of your beer,” explained Mr Khoo.

With so much thought having gone into crafting the Starker Signature experience, we daresay it looks set to become your new go-to hangout.



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