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Stress Busters Part I: Get Social

With its bustling activities, charming cafes and top notch dining spots, TPC is a great place to unwind with friends and loved ones.

Boss giving you a hard time? Sleepless nights from babysitting the little ones? Don’t worry friend, we’ve got your back.

In this brand-new series, we bring you a guide to beating those rising cortisol levels, relaxing in the heart of the city and the myriad of ways you’ll be able to unwind while at Tanjong Pagar Centre.

In the first part of our series, we showcase a variety of stress-busting activities that you’ll be able to engage in with your friends and loved ones. No one likes stress, but that doesn’t mean that you have to tackle it all on your own…so keep calm, and get social!

Method 1:


Grab a coffee and plan a vacation

Venue: Japan Rail Café, #01-19/20


With a great ambience, a tasty (and soon to be expanded) selection of food and beverages, and a myriad of Nippon-related themes, paraphernalia and activities Japan Rail Café has been winning over the hearts of Japanophiles since it first opened at Tanjong Pagar Centre in 2016.

Besides being a charming eatery and a great place to relax with friends over a hot cup of coffee, Japan Rail Café also prides itself on being a service and info provider for travellers hoping to sojourn in the Land of the Rising Sun.

If you find yourself dreaming of a vacation filled with cherry blossoms, omakase food experiences and the bustling streets of Tokyo, you should certainly pop by Japan Rail Café to plan a trip with your friends.

Each month, Japan Rail Café places the spotlight on a different region of Japan, with Hokkaido taking centre stage for the month of October. Drop by and let the café’s friendly travel communicators help you plan your holiday!

Method 2:


Share Spanish delicacies with your mates

Venue: Pura Brasa, #01-16


There’s a Spanish saying that conveys trademark Iberian hospitality—Mi casa es su casa. It translates to ‘my house is your house’, and that’s certainly what visitors to Pura Brasa will experience when they dine there.

The establishment prides itself on serving up authentic Spanish cuisine, with a large proportion of its food from Spain and cooked using a Josper oven. The three-way oven allows for smoking, grilling and employing charcoal to bring out the best of the food’s flavour.

If you’re planning on visiting with friends, the chef recommends the grilled mussels, grilled pork belly and the squid ink paella (request for the latter, as it’s a special that’s not currently on the menu). Alternatively, groups with large appetites should try the Spanish pork ribs, which measure in a whopping half a metre.

Happy hour at the restaurant runs from 3-7pm daily, with ½ pint Estrella Damms priced at $9 and full pints at $15.

Method 3:


Let local singing sensations serenade you over lunch

Venue: Tanjong Pagar Centre, Urban Park Level 1


If you love great music, you’ll certainly want to drop by the Tanjong Pagar Centre’s Urban Park. You’ll be treated to a live music showcase, courtesy of TGIF Music Station. Singing sensations will serenade you with performances of original numbers and popular renditions.

Performances start from 1230-130pm on every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, and the event runs till December. So grab a bite to eat from the myriad eateries in the basement, and drop by TPC’s Urban Park to enjoy some amazing tunes. Check out the line-up details and performance dates below:

3 August 2018 Cherelle
17 August 2018 Ariane
7 September 2018 Marcus Lee
21 September 2018 Soph T.
5 October 2018 theColdCutDuo
19 October 2018 Xiao Min
2 November 2018 Cheryl Fong
16 November 2018 Sherraine Law
7 December 2018 Zerlene
21 December 2018 Jarrell Huang

Whether you’re looking to chill out with friends over a cup of coffee, indulge in great eats from all over the globe, or grab a drink after work, Tanjong Pagar Centre is a great place to unwind. Keep your eyes peeled for more stress-busting options at TPC.