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The 5 Freshest Ingredients
For A Festive Meal

We sit down with the good folk at Farm 'N Pantry to pick out produce to add a taste of summer to your Christmas celebrations.

Unlike chain supermarkets, Farm 'N Pantry prides itself on being a fresh food community, procuring the freshest Australian produce from farm to aisle within 2 days. Farm 'N Pantry has its own team of tasters and a close relationship with their growers in Australia, so as to ensure that only the freshest of nature’s bounty makes it to you.

Thanks to the good people at Farm 'N Pantry, you’ll be able to enjoy a taste of summer this Christmas. Here are our top picks from Farm 'N Pantry to add a touch of sunshine to your Christmas dining table.

1. Cherries

Fun fact: Cherries have been considered the fruit of kings as far back as the Chou Dynasty in 600 BC, no doubt because of the care that’s needed to cultivate the fruit trees. Cherries are so popular in Australia that the New South Wales town of Young hosts a Cherry Festival on the first weekend of every December. They’re also a natural source of melatonin, which makes them great as a late evening snack if you tend to have sleepless nights.

2. Avocados

Avocado toast anyone? Sadly, we’re not good looking enough to be influencers, but that doesn’t detract from the merits of this prized fruit. Avocados are the main ingredient in guacamole and – while they may not win any beauty prizes – they’re unique for being high in healthy fats, rather than carbohydrates. The majority of the fat in in avocado comes from oleic acid, a heart-healthy fatty acid that’s also one of the core components of olive oil.

3. Mangoes

If you’re pining for a taste of the tropics, you’re probably not alone: Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the world, well-loved for their unique flavor and fragrance. It is the national fruit of India and the Philippines, and mango trees can grow up to 100 feet in height. You probably don’t want to binge on them due to their high sugar content, but in moderation, they’re a great source of dietary fiber and vitamin B6.


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4. Kale

Kale has been enjoying a bit of a comeback over the last couple of years, but you don’t have to be a plaid-wearing hipster to enjoy this super healthy green. A member of the brassica oleraca [cabbage] family, kale is packed with all sorts of beneficial compounds; 70 grams of this super veg will help you hit and exceed your daily requirements for Vitamins A, K and C, making it one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. Maybe those hipsters are on to something after all….

5. Broccoli

The word broccoli (say it 5 times really quick) comes from the Latin word brachium, which means arm. Thomas Jefferson first imported seeds to America from Italy, where it was originally grown, and it’s no wonder that America’s Founding Father was a fan: It prevents cancer, regulates blood pressure and reduces cholesterol.

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