Your Healthiest Eating Options at Tanjong Pagar Centre

Diet. The perennial problem plaguing everyone and anyone. Whether you’re looking to shed the extra kilos, a sedentary office worker or a fitness junkie, eating healthy always seems trickier when you don’t quite know where to look.

And with Virgin Active located conveniently within Tanjong Pagar Centre, the struggle is even more real for the health conscious. After all, one’s arguably the hungriest after a good workout but if we consume junk, what’s the purpose of exercising?

So before you go wandering aimlessly with a growling stomach, we have taken the liberty of putting together a handy list for you.

Image source: The Daily Cut

1. The Daily Cut

This popular salad bar needs no introduction. With the freedom to customise your proteins, carbs, and supplements, Daily Cut serves up healthy fare that’s both delicious and affordable. For a premium, you can select the rib-eye steak or salmon as your choice of protein. It’s a no-brainer why they make our list.

Located at #B2-16

Image source: Facebook / Joe & the Juice - Singapore

2. Joe & the Juice

Originating from Copenhagen, this juice bar was founded with the aim of designing healthy and tasty quick-fix meal options for athletes. Serving a variety of juices with style and pizzazz, these drinks are chock full of personality with names to match.

Do you believe that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Try Go Away Doc, a mix of carrot, apple and ginger. Looking for something to sustain you through a workout? Order a cup of Sports Juice - a combination of passionfruit, apple and pineapple.

Located at #01-07

Image source: Facebook / Swissbake

3. Kraftwich

An offshoot of famous bakery chain Swissbake, you’ll be hard pressed to find sinful and heavy meals at Kraftwich. With a selection of pies, salads and sandwiches, this is the place to grab something light.

They’re famous for their handcrafted gourmet sandwiches filled with nutritious ingredients like smoked duck, smoked salmon or portobello. You can choose between the multigrain or maize bread; the former packed with the healthiest grains including wheat, soya, malt, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, rye and oats.

Located at #B2-32

Image source: Instagram / Souperstarsg

4. Souperstar

Building off their family business of selling popiah in Geylang Bahru, the Hong sisters decided to get creative with a fusion of east and west. Offering flavours like sesame chicken, Thai sweet chicken and seafood wasabi mayo, do consider giving their popiahs a try if you’re looking for something filling while cutting down on the carbs.

If you prefer something soupy but are tired of the usual creamy chowders, you can try their stew that comes with a fresh salad and their signature three-grain rice.

Located at #B2-31

Image source: Soup Living

5. Soup Living

Nutritious homemade soup right in the heart of the CBD, Soup Living is a kiosk that serves passed-down-through-the-family, straight-from-your-mother’s-kitchen, Cantonese realness. Started by a Cantonese who visited his relatives in Hong Kong to learn the tricks of the trade, the soup master eschewed the use of familiar ingredients like lotus and watercress.

Instead, the menu of six items - Magic Black, Youth Elixir, Mushroom Fighter, Memory Fix, The Golden Pump and Karoton - offers interesting blends made from Chinese herbs and traditional ingredients like Chinese dates and dried scallops. Providing a variety of health benefits, there’s even one for anti-aging and another that improves memory and reduces lethargy - perfect for the everyday office worker.

With no MSG or chicken stock powder added (the owner makes his own chicken stock which is considered healthier), this is truly healthy soup for the soul.

Located at #B2-22

Image source: Facebook / London Sandwich Co.

6. London Sandwich Co.

The brainchild of the dynamic duo behind Boost Juice, LSC is all about introducing a taste of London to the fast-paced city peeps of Singapore. With the usual fare of handmade, gourmet sandwiches and artisanal coffee, you can now grab your healthy bite for the road.

Famous for its toasties, try familiar flavours like tuna melt and ham and cheese, or opt for their best-selling pastrami melt. For their sandwiches, look out for The Ploughmans and The Londoner, both a reference to its London influence. If you’re a herbivore, check out their meat-free options!

Located at #B2-05

Image source: Kuro Maguro

7. Kuro Maguro

Fans of bluefin tuna will find their haven here as Kuro Maguro is serving fishy tuna realness straight from the fishing trawlers in Japan.

Sink your teeth into fresh sashimi with a rich and buttery flavour as you choose from a variety of cuts such as maguro, chūtoro (medium fatty tuna), otoro (lowest section of the tuna belly) and kamatoro (collar bone). If sashmi isn’t your thing, the restaurant also serves donburi or you can try kama yaki (grilled tuna collar).

However, as epicureans would know, bluefin tuna is one of the most popular fish used for sashimi and sushi in Japan, so be prepared to fork out upwards of $40 per person.

Located at #01-04

With a wide variety of healthy food to keep that diet in check, you’ll no longer need to scratch your head in agony when thinking of what to have for your next meal. While you’re at it and busy snapping shots for your social media post, don’t forget to participate in Tanjong Pagar Centre’s #DINEatTPC contest, from now till May 28, for a chance to win a $10 TPC voucher!



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